World Eagle Claw Association


GrandMaster Gini Lau proudly carries on the tradition of her famous father, Great Grandmaster Lau Fat Mang as head of the Lau Fat Mang World Eagle Claw Association.  Mush like her father, GrandMaster Lau has carved out her own unique history and legacy in the Martial Arts World.

Master Lau began studying Eagle Claw, Yin Jow Fan Tzu from her father at the tender age of four.  Great Grandmaster Lau Fat Mang

her studies in the Peking Opera which was run by Master Yu Jim-Yuen. The Peking opera is famous for it's martial arts tumbling and gymnastics, both of which form a primary part of Eagle Claw Kung Fu. The Peking Opera training was probably more ruthless and severe than anything Gini had experienced with her father.  Master Lau became a star of the Peking opera with other such notables in her class as Jackie Chan and Samo Hung. Master Lau would remain in the academy until 1973 and remains close with all of her Peking Opera classmates to this day.  When the Opera was making a tour of the United States in 1973, Master Lau decided she was ready to strike out on her own and move to the United States.

Upon arrival in the United States, Master Lau had no job and could not speak English.  She taught herself English and soon began to teach Eagle Claw at various local studios in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Within a short time, Master Lau was making a name for herself in the martial arts tournament scene by regularly winning Black Belt competitions against all male competitors.  During this time (1976), she won Ed Parker’s Long Beach International Karate tournament against the top rated tournament competitors in the country.  She routinely beat the number one male competitors on the Open Martial Arts Tournament Circuit.  Years earlier, this same tournament was where Bruce Lee was first discovered, and is still considered to be the most prestigious tournament in the United States.

With her unique blend of striking looks, traditional Eagle Claw training and years of performing at the Peking Opera Academy, it wasn’t long before Master Lau was spotted and asked to do work in movies.  Master Lau acted and did stunt work in such movies as Killer Elite, Falcon Claw, Weapons of Death and The Last Adventure.  She was also featured in a KNBC TV Production entitled The Secrets Of Martial Arts.

Master Lau uses her years of extensive training now to teach others in the style of Eagle Claw Kung Fu, Chinese wellness and massage, as well as writing short stories.  Master Lau is available for private and group lessons, as well as for personal appearances or Chinese wellness and massage. 

Grandmaster Gini Lau

would train his daughter Gini without mercy in the late evening and early mornings, having her do all of the movements and forms of the Eagle Claw system under his watchful eye.  This training would continue for some eight years until his untimely death in 1964. Based on a prior agreement with her father, Master Lau continued