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Sifu Daniel Lim

Sifu Daniel Lim is an instructor for Grandmaster Gini Lau, daughter of the late Great Grandmaster Lau Fat Mang for Eagle Claw Style Kung Fu.  Sifu Daniel Lim teaches Eagle Claw STyle Kung Fu in the same traditional manner as he learned it.  The system is taught using Chinese (Cantonese) terms, and techniques are taught in a group setting.  The traditional forms are taught one-on-one, from teacher to student.  Each student progresses at their own pace.  Sifu Daniel is experienced at teaching students of all ages to develop their coordination, balance and concentration.  Sifu Daniel is also experienced at teaching students of all levels of skill and experience.  By teaching in a group setting, students learn together, and help each other and learn to respect each other.

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